3 Critical Safety Precautions when Using Anal Bleaching Cream at Home

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Over the past few years, anal bleaching has increasingly become a popular cosmetic process. However, if you want to lighten the skin around this intimate part of your body, then you should invest in an anal bleaching cream. The cosmetic creams breakdown melanin by lightening the dark skin around the anus. That said, anal bleaching is a relatively delicate process and must be conducted with utmost care. If done the wrong way, then you will be opening yourself up to a host of health issues. If you do not want to find a doctor who is licensed to conduct the procedure, then you can easily do it yourself at home. This article provides a guide regarding the safety precautions you should observe when using anal bleaching creams.

Avoid Hydroquinone -- Due to the increased popularity of anal bleaching, manufacturers have gone to lengths to produce different anal bleaching creams. Therefore, different creams contain various ingredients that promise better results. Consequently, it is critical to be careful when choosing an anal bleaching cream. For example, you need to avoid creams that contain hydroquinone. This chemical is known to cause cancer of the liver and kidney. Moreover, hydroquinone is associated with hyper-pigmentation which does not give the best bleaching results. Instead, you should opt for creams that contain lactic acid or Emblica extracts. Both are safer chemicals that do not have as many side effects.

Don't Over-Exfoliate – Most, if not all, anal bleaching creams require that you exfoliate the anal region before you apply the cream or gel. Exfoliating allows the ingredients to work effectively and produce the best results. However, it is easy to get carried away and over-exfoliate. Because perianal skin is relatively thin, over-exfoliating can cause miniature cuts that will allow the cream to get into your bloodstream. Therefore, ensure that you gently exfoliate the area with a soft sponge or loofah. If you use the right anal lightening cream, then you should not worry about the effectiveness of the procedure.

Avoid the Anus -- For first-timers, the name 'anal bleaching cream' can be misleading. Although the name suggests that it is an anal lightening cream, you should avoid the anus region at all costs. Anal bleaching creams are meant to be applied on the perianal skin, not directly to the anus. If you apply the cream directly on the anus, then the chances are that the cream will get into your rectum and cause health issues. It is recommended that you use a mirror because it will help you to keep the cream off your anus.