Subtle ways to embrace the bright coloured hair trend

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It has become very trendy over the last few years to dye hair any colour on the spectrum, including pinks, purples and blues. Not everyone is confident enough to pull off a switch to bright hair so here are some ways to embrace the trend more subtly while still having fun with a new shade. 


If you have light hair, or light highlights, one of the ways you can try brighter hair is through pastel colours. Lighter colours can be applied in the salon and will only last a couple of washes if not topped up with a coloured treatment, making them perfect for an experiment or a different look over the holidays. They can easily be washed out if you want to go back to a more traditional colour using a strong shampoo such as an anti-dandruff shampoo. It's ideal to get these kinds of colours applied in salon so that they are gentle and don't damage your hair. 

Bright highlights

If you have traditionally gotten blonde foils or highlights another way to try the brighter hair colours is to get a few highlights done in the bright colour, along with your normal highlights. This provides a glimpse of colour when your moves or is put up into different styles without the impact of a whole head of bright colour. This is also much easier to maintain as the hair colour fades as it is not as apparent if the colour in different parts of the head is a different intensity. 

An under-layer

Another fun option for incorporating bright hair into a hair style is to dye a layer under the hair with another colour, so that the colour is only reveals when the hair moved or is placed up. This is great for people with straight hair as it can help to create a visual illusion of thicker hair, and it can be easier to grow out in the future as the regrowth is more hidden. 

There are many options to adding a pop of unusual colour to your normal hairstyle. Brighter colours can be harder to maintain and apply than normal colours, so it's a job best left to the professionals and not to home hair colours. If you are looking to try a new hair colour with some bright colours, why not head into a hair salon, such as Skye Norman Hair and Beauty Company, and get some professional inspiration on how to update your hair.